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Tech Valley Guide

Randall Hogue Sr.

Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

The New Business Model was developed in answer to our customer base having the urgent need to generate new business and focus on target markets for immediate results. With traditional advertising representing only a 1 to 5% response and customers resistance to being SOLD we developed a much needed and more effective approach.
arrived on two separate and related tracks first to create a low cost high tech vehicle for the delivery of the most complete transfer of information from clients to their prospects. Second to formulate the best possible first impression through imagination, video and content to the customer for your products and services.


We connect your website, social marketing, offline and online networking and traditional marketing together.

Like most Small Businesses and those looking to grow new markets they did all the traditional things as directed. They developed the product or service and sought out competent advice like SBA,SBDC. and other business courses. They then developed a business plan and this included a marketing plan as well.

After the extensive research advice and expense the entrepreneurs embarked on testing the waters by joining the local business groups like the Chambers, BNI and other networking type groups. Most or all of them realized the need and built a website. This did not however produce the response needed toward increased sales.

This is usually when they come to us looking for a way out of the dilemma . These people are the true entrepreneurs, hero's who have invested their lifeblood as well as time, energy, money, and sacrifice into the American Dream.

The current economy reflects that more than 50 percent of the jobs created and half of the new wealth today are from the small businesses with 20 or fewer employees. The market has changed and people do not want to be "Sold"…

Our plan is to give immediate assistance to small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to cross the chasm while developing a strategic alliance network offering tools and encouragement .

Through our work designing client presentations we have produced several winning and simple strategies for success through targeting, lead Generation and message definition co-ordinates your Network and Web based Marketing.

Our Success has produced outstanding results as the most complete and cost effective way of connecting client to prospect with high tech features now available …You only have one chance to make a first impression.

We have seen many Entrepreneurs experience a renaissance of hope, determination and success as a result of our assistance and this more than anything else is our reason for being.


Tech Valley Guide fills the need for small business of all kinds to compete on a level playing field with larger and foreign companies for sales online and off. While these local entrepreneurs benefit from the national and global level of technology, exposure, training and resources, the regional economy inherently does too.


By asking, “What if we offer a rewarding Independent Business Opportunity with a product that can change lives, supports the local business economy and creates unlimited and increasing business connections for clients. By applying this business knowledge, technical skills and economic philosophy to a plan of action, the Tech Valley Guide was born.







Randall Hogue Jr.


Has been designing and developing websites since 1999, working in XHTML using early generation web development program such as Microsoft Frontpage and Adobe Dreamweaver.


With an interest in computers from a young age, coupled with a background in art and design, he eventually turned his hobby into a career with the launch of SuccessCARD LLC. in 2003; alongside his father Randall Hogue Sr.

SuccessCARD specialized in Macromedia Flash-based business-to-business video presentations for distribution to potential customers but also made available streaming online.


After years of operating SuccessCARD and a noticeable change in the role of businesses on the internet, it became clear there was a need in the Capital Region for professional and reliable website development. Prompted by this, Randall Sr. and Jr. launched Best Web Design Deals using the same model of savvy and hard work that helped to drive SuccessCARD.


In operating Best Web Design Deals, Randall Jr. has built several websites using CSS and PHP, and managed using current generation CMS (content management) platforms.

With a diverse array of clients, Randall Jr. has built e-commerce, directory, portfolio, entertainment, educational and informational websites; including various combinations of each.


Randall Jr. specializes in designing websites which are attractive, professional, powerful, SEO-able, viewable from mobile devices and easily updated by clients via WYSIWYG interface.



Lisa Jordan


     Began her life coaching practice, The Right Fit Coaching, in 2008. Driven to improve the world around her, she brings clarity and precision to complicated situations and tasks, effectively applying practical and asset based solutions. Her favorite resource to work with: people. Realistically and with precision, she applies the assets and character strengths of the individuals, groups and organizations she serves to their goals, long term vision and legacy.


     Lisa’s BA in political science led her from Rochester, NY to the Albany area in 1990. Her career began as a research assistant in the New York State Senate, blossomed by working with students and their parents as a College Admission & Financial Aid Counselor at a small, private liberal arts college in Upstate New York, to ultimately working full time to raise her two sons with her husband Brian. As a stay at home mom her skills in resource management, conflict resolution, scheduling, organization, and character development and education were put to the ultimate test and cultivated to serve the highest purposes.


     Her life work, whether within her family, volunteering or with the clients she serves, is to see the best in others and work with them to realize their greatest possibilities. By collaborating with the Tech Valley Guide team and coaching the Independent Business Owners she will personify the deeply held belief that if we work fairly and generously together to the ultimate benefit of all, we’ll all win.






Sharon Mc Grath




Assistant DirectorAdvising & Learning Assistance Center



  • Coordinate campus-wide tutoring program including the recruitment, training, and supervision of approximately 60 tutors serving approximately 4000 undergraduate students each year

  • Statistical analysis of program utilization, cost effectiveness and outcomes of grade distribution

  • Represent and promote Institute initiatives during Open House Days for prospective students and their families

  • Coordinate the Teaching and Learning Assistance (TLA) program including the recruitment, training, and supervision of eight graduate students

  • Advise Undeclared General Study students with course selection and develop a plan of study

  • Prepare and administer annual operating budget, including preparation of monthly financial statements, annual reports and quarterly rolling forecasts

  • Webmaster responsible for the supporting department website in maintaining, promoting and the development of new program content


BS Higher Educational Administration and Student Services

Empire State College – Currently pursuing



MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Corel Draw, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, FLASH, PhotoShop, PageMaker, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, XHTML Luwick




  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Conversational Partner – RPI

  • Uncle Sam Toastmasters

  • Greater Loudonville Association

  • Board Member of Mohawk River Community Partner’s of Colonie


Lauren Ouellette-Bruchez

Creative, diligent, action-oriented leader

Skill Summary:

  • Highly Organized
  • Creative Problem Solver
  • Team Leadership
  • Empowering Others
  • Self Motivated
  • Active Consultant



FastSigns of the Capital District
Colonie, NY - October 2010 - Present 


Customer Service Representative

  • Consulted with clients to find customer solutions to their advertising needs
  • Worked on concept design for complex projects, leading to repeat business from satisfied customers
  • Assisted in ensuring high customer satisfaction, rating the location at 15th in survey response out of 500 nationwide centers
  • Part of marketing and networking team as a location representative, handling networking events at multiple levels
  • Handled large scale sign production work, including large scale lamination, and basic large format print handling
  • Maintained customer records, and handled end of day and end of month batch processing


Holiday Gift

Latham, NY - June 2006 - July 2008 

Assistant Manager/Buyer/Bookkeeper

  • Assisted customers with a broad spectrum of products and gifts, including customer service and general cashier duties
  • Programmed the store register to allow for the processing of items with different applied taxes
  • Kept books and managed store deposits to allow shop owners to focus on other priorities
  • Assisted in product purchasing
  • Helped re-design and improve the efficiency of in-store procedures
  • Designed displays and advertising materials
  • Assisted in increasing sales by re-directing product lines, designing a store floor plan that improved the look and flow of merchandise and hiring a staff acquainted with the needs of a very specific customer base

Habana Premium Cigar Shoppe
Albany, NY

Cashier/ Administrative Assistant/ Picker/ Packer


  • Assisted customers in selecting cigars and pipe tobacco
  • Handled filing and other administrative duties, including state tobacco tax calculation
  • Picked and packed orders for the online face of Habana Premium
  • Handled electronic customer service duties for
  • Stocked, maintained and reconciled inventory



1996 – 2000
Cohoes High School
Cohoes, NY
Regents Diploma

Received multiple awards and scholarships for musical and theatrical excellence such as the Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence, and acceptance into the NYSSMA All-State Women’s Chorus and the NYSSSA School of Choral Studies.

2000 – 2001    

SUNY Purchase                                                        

Purchase, NY


Technical Proficiencies:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Limited familiarity with Adobe applications
  • UPS Shipping Terminal
  • Cash Register Programming
  • General Data Entry
  • Adding Machine
  • Ledger Book Entry
  • Filing
  • Instructional Design
  • Professional Purchasing


Drives new business to Local Businesses

Returns customer dollars to the Tech Valley Area

 Assists Entrepreneurs in business management and sales



    “The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind,” William James